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Re-numbering the Main Road in 1962

Looking through the Times Archive, I came across a letter on the 4th May, 1962 from Mrs Pemberton-Piggott (nee Miranda Tallents) who was complaining that the Dartford Rural Council had decreed that the address of St John’s Jerusalem was now to be known as 79 Main Road, and the Number was to be marked on the property within a week of the notification, otherwise there would be a fine of 40s.

Mrs Pemberton-Pigott felt that this move was indicative of the creeping suburbanisation of the Darent Valley,

The following day another letter was published from another Sutton at Hone resident, Martin May of the Hollies, who expressed his sympathy to Mrs Pemberton-Pigott.

However he pointed out that St John’s had been given just the No. 79 for the entire property, although the house next to his, Homefield, described as having a “fairly ample frontage” was given the numbers 68 – 78.

From the perspective of 2019, the numbering methodology seems illogical, as the frontage of St John’s is probably five times that of Homefield at that time. Homefield was demolished in the 1970s and Dairy Close was built on the site.