Vicars of Sutton-at-Hone


Memorial Board showing the Vicars of Sutton at Hone

Memorial Board showing the Vicars of Sutton at Hone.  The Board was paid for in a bequest from Florence Barton, in memory of Alfred Ernest Bourne and William Ernest Bott, both vicars of the parish

c1193 Gilbert
c 1215 Hugo
1253 William de Letchfield (last Rector)
1278 Gilbert
1321 John de Colworth
1326 John atte Capelle
1348 John Billock
1347 Henry de Higham
1348 John Marymore of Dartford
1349 John Newman
1349 Richard Aleyn of Cuxton
1362 Edmund Cranlake
1363 Richard Rail
1389 John Suffield
1392 William Curteys
1395 Philip Muntgamerie
1398 Henry de Mole
1400 Robert Warham,
1402 John ffysher
1403 John Gunder
1430 John Florence
1446 John Calverton
1448 John Strobogge
1448 John Ewer
1481 William Moyser
1508 Roland Baxter
1510 Ralph Smaller
1518 Robert Whittingham
1520 Robert Lestwick
1521 Robert Johnson
1522 Robert Boune
1528 John Graye
1530 William Statham
1536 Maurice Griffith, Afterwards Bishop of Rochester
1543 Robert Styddyl,
1553 Richard Bee
1559 William ffan
1566 Nicholas Bennet
1570 Ralph Sheers He lies buried in Sutton chancel
1609 William Harris, He lies buried in Sutton chancel
1610 Ralph Hatfield
1621 Francis Dee
1622 Robert Hazlewood
1655 William Hopkins, And rector of Swanscombe. He lies buried in Sutton chancel.
1665 George Stradling, Prebendary of Westminster, Dean of Chichester, and also rector of Cliffe.
1670Peter Mewe
1685 John Chadwick, also Vicar of Darenth, and afterwards Rector of Longfield. He lies buried in Sutton Chancel.
1706 Edmund Barrell,
1762 Edmund Faunce, grandson of Edmund Barrell
1788 Robert Fountaine, prevously Vicar of Frindsbury
1818 George Strahan
1830 Edmund Copleston
1827 Michael Smith
1837 John Hallett Hotham
1881 Walter John Weekes
1909 Alfred Ernest Bourne
1923 Arthur Tomlinson
1932 William Ernest Bott
1937 Caryl Sampson
1966 John Frederick Boyce
1973 Lionel Geoffrey Thorogood
1987 Francis Edward John Willoughby
2002 Frances Carolyne Papantoniou
2013 Nicholas Linsey Williams

3 thoughts on “Vicars of Sutton-at-Hone

  1. Richard Wright

    I thought you ought to know that in your list of vicars you do not mention that Francis Dee was afterwards bishop of Peterborough. His full details appear on the Cambridge University alumni website. He and his father had interesting careers. I am presently researching on the lives of incumbents of the parish of Carshalton in Surrey and by chance found Francis Dee in the “Records of Rochester”. My interest was because of John Dee the famous doctor magician priest and spy of late Tudor England.

    Regards, Richard Wright

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for the information, I’ve not really done very much work on the earlier Vicars as I have been pre-occupied with the Great War for the past year or so. I shall have to investigate further.

      Sarah Lewis

  2. Paul Victor Gearing

    What an interesting read I beg your indulgence to introduce myself I was born in Barfield Terrace (now main Road) on 27th November 1947
    I was Christened at St John the Baptist by presumably Rev Caryl Sampson. I do have the church circular with this information and the correct date ,but not here with me. Christened along side of me was a master Paul Edward.s ,Who i knew as an occasional friend in the earlier years of my life, He was slightly younger than I
    My early recollection of Rev Sampson, was that he was Folic ally challenged for such a presumably young age Always smiling and jolly
    As a visitor from abroad, i was met by two wonderful people by prior arrangement, of just above middle age whoes names escape me, A man and a woman In 2015 They gave me and my Australian wife a wonderful conducted tour, of the church What an experience .What amazing memories
    All the best and God bless you

    Paul Victor Gearing


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