Rev Edmund Barrell

Edmund Barrell was born in 1676, the youngest son of Francis Barrell and Anne Somer.  Francis was the Serjeant at Law, and Recorder of the City of Rochester, and then became Member of Parliament for the City of Rochester.  Edmund’s eldest brother Francis also became MP for Rochester, and died in 1727.  His brother Henry became Chapter Clerk to the Dean and Chapter of Rochester, and died on September 10, 1754, at the age of 83.  Francis & Anne and their sons Francis and Henry are buried in Rochester Cathedral.

Edmund attended Brasenose College, Oxford and was ordained in 1700.  In 1702, he was appointed as a General Receiver in Norwich Cathedral in 1702, and became Treasurer in 1703.

Edmund married Mary Upcott on 13th September 1702 at Hendon, Middlesex, and the couple had three daughters, the eldest, Anne, married the Rev. Mr. Charlton, of Wateringbury at Sutton at Hone in 1729 but had no children.  His second daughter, Jane married Thomas Faunce in 1735 at Sutton at Hone.  Jane and Thomas had two sons and three daughters,  and Edmund Faunce succeeded his grandfather as Vicar of Sutton at Hone and three daughters.  Mary, Edmund’s youngest daughter, also married a vicar, the Rev. James Young, Rector of Catwick, and again there were no children.

In 1705 Edmund was appointed as a Prebendary at Rochester Cathedral, and then installed as the Vicar of Sutton at Hone, and in 1720 he also became the Vicar of Boxley.  In 1762 Edmund Barrell resigned the position of Vicar of Sutton at Hone, and his grandson Edmund Faunce succeeded him, although it is said that Edmund Barrell actually died in Sutton at Hone.   Edmund Barrell remained as Vicar of Boxley until his death on February 15, 1765, in his 89th year.  Edmund Barrell was buried in Rochester Cathedral on 20th March 1765.

“An Account of Two Late Northern Aurora’s, as They Were Observ’d at the Vicarage of Sutton at Hone in Kent. By the Reverend Edmund Barrell, Prebend of Rochester” is an article from Philosophical Transactions (1683-1775), Volume 30.  Published January 1, 1717

A Letter from the Reverend Mr. Edmund Barrel, Rector of Sutton Near Dartford in Kent, to Sir Hans Sloane, Baronet, concerning a Shock of an Earthquake Felt in That Neighbourhood, &c.
by Barrel, E.
Published January 1, 1753
Topics Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

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